we are here again, already…

Sitting at home on an unforeseen, and inexplicable, school cancelation day, I realize that it’s time…

…time to describe our new ‘Christmas Survival Basket’, back again by popular demand, is it possible that this year it’s even better than last year? You decide as you look at our Prize Basket Contents! We would dearly love help in selling these if anyone can take a few off our hands, please email me: eileeniebee@gmail.com

…time to invite anyone and everyone to the annual Pancreatic Cancer Walk/Run/Bike event this Saturday, organized by the dedicated team at Craig’s Cause. Did you catch them on the news recently?! Amazingly, this little engine that could has just donated $500k to our local medical community who are furthering research efforts into PC. Brava Stefanie!

…and lastly, probably time to reveal my catification … FYI that is the process of learning to accept one’s life circumstances with the help of kitten therapy… preferably big beautiful kittens…
kitties2tigerstbc-crop 2sept22sept22.1

…nice to know that at least some things are purrfect.

the Increasingly Crazy Cat Lady,


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