Here is my new ‘grace’…taught to me by a dear friend,
and lately I’ve actually been able to say it:

“For food, and friends,
and all God sends,
we give thee grateful thanks”

I can say it because I know my god did send me Robert, but is not in charge of, or responsible for, cancer.


Robert took this photo in the White Mountains at our favourite Inn… and this serenity prayer has been popping up in front of me enough lately that I decided to give it some attention…

 … all prayers are still greatly appreciated…

One thought on “Prayers

  1. Okay… it’s not exactly a prayer…. but something on the radio grabbed me today… to paraphrase: “he wrapped his arms around my soul and isn’t letting go”… and that explains how I am getting through my days… thank you CBC for giving me words…

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