giving thanks

I have come to understand that gratitude is good medicine for healing and growth… but it’s just not always possible to feel it.

So some days, like today, I force myself to make the list…
in no particular order:

extraordinary  friends,
giant loud-purring kittens,
beautiful little boys,

beautiful boy 10487357_10152675748730555_4282834445469530153_n
free medical care,
the colour purple,
meaningful work,
the honesty and clarity of a six-year-old,
family (original and claimed),
old cheese,
stretchy clothes,
online shopping,
big thick books,
unexpected laughter,
bubble baths,
the generosity of the human spirit,
fuzzy blankets,
mugs of tea,
sad music,
the great fortune to find and then marry the love of my life,
blue flowers…


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