what wisdom?

The dreaded anniversary is here, again, and it seems like nothing has changed…

But a few weeks ago when Hannah interrupted our cartoon-watching with an urgent “Gammy! I can’t remember Gampy’s voice” … I was able to calmly walk her to the computer where we watched some of our favourite video clips. I’m including one here that forces me to smile every time…he was trying to help her shake off a very cranky mood:

…and now it helps me shake off mine.

I keep expecting to receive some kind of wisdom about the meaning of life and loss… been looking, reading, asking, praying, and still it eludes me. Perhaps it will do like a butterfly and settle on me when I give up…

Meanwhile I try to live up to Robert’s standards… most of the time… and when I mess up, I fix that by raising money for his Integrity Award…only two weeks left to get your tickets… check it out: Prize Basket Contents 😉

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