September already…

Ah, summer you’re all finished… the summer of my purple cast and of my discontent. I arrived back at school cranky, and doing intense physio once again this year. And the icing on the cake: first day back was Robert’s 54th birthday. But with the Sampson clan, and Hannah’s little family, we managed to celebrate ‘Gampy’ with dinner and candles and copious amounts of real icing. We all gathered together in the purple house for the first time without him, but I like to think he was at least smiling down on us approvingly. Still, not an easy gig, and I’m so thankful, even humbled, to have all of them in my life.

Yes, summer really is over, new sweaters have appeared, gardens are being permitted to go back to bed, and normally Fall is our kindest season. But school is ratcheting up, too, and I actually want to go back to bed most mornings. Just wishing I could muster more bounce in my step. So, I am learning to breathe instead… you know, in and out, and to just be… I’m permitting myself to be a mess if and when necessary, but doing the best I can do with what I’ve got most of the time.

Our July Auction proceeds have finally worked their way to the SJA Scholarship Donation Page… thank you SO much to everyone who supported this event… look at how well we are doing! 🙂 And very soon, to add to this fund, we will be selling tickets on a wonderful Holiday Basket that will contain everything you might need to survive that season: tickets to MooseHeads, Neptune, and movies, gift certificates for NSLC, and lobster, a $300 Visa… all items either for your enjoyment or for your own gifting.

And this Saturday, September 28th, family and friends are invited to come out and join in the annual Craig’s Cause Pancreatic Cancer Awareness event in Porters Lake. I promise not to be the wreck I was last year, and am not ashamed to say that I am back on antidepressants which gives me some confidence in the aforementioned promise.

…one final note, take a look at Steve presenting the first annual Robert Sampson Integrity Award… and this is one event I am thoroughly convinced that Robert did attend!

Steve and Moataz Ibrahim1



3 thoughts on “September already…

  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhh, girlie I tell you as I read your e-mail but when I got to the very last ..when you said, YOU WERE SURE Robert ATTENED THIS ONE, THE COLD CHILLS RAN DOWN MY BODY, yes he did attend and Roberts presents was here as I read those very last word’s of your’s, HE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOUR SIDE my friend..hugs Vonnie

  2. Hi girlie and I set here and read your e-mail when I got to the very last and your word’s saying, I am sure Robert attended this, the cold chills ran right down my body, his presence was here, and when I went to look at family/friend’s photo pictures you have , the chills started again, he is so with you all, you have no idea, As I just wrote these word’s the chill’s came back, I am telling you my friend that Robert will never leave your side, he walk’s with you daily and sleep’s by your side each night, he is ALWAY’S with you, I can not explain why I feel him when I e-mail you but all I know is that he is.. YOUR STRENGHT ON A DAILY BASIS’S.. you will never fall back ward’s he is there to catch you each and every time, antidepressant’s keep us all calm, but the strength you have to keep going..IS ROBERT….hugs… XXX OOO Vonnie

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