Love and Loss

I’m slowly realizing these two words are fully entwined into the one thing I believe we all want to have;  a meaningful life while we’re here. Yes, loving big means being vulnerable to inconsolable loss, yet we do it anyway… and we’ll keep right on doing it.

Three years after losing Robert, the light in my life, I do still feel eviscerated… but at the same time, I have been shown such strength and love from dear ones, that I know I will now be able to offer these same things to my sweet Kate and Kyle.



So I’m sharing these words I recently wrote for Robert, but could have just as easily been written for Baby Brennan Dunnington, who we bid a sad farewell to today… I like to think Robert and my Dad are helping him learn to fly, all three with their beautifully impish grins…

Those laughing eyes

the warmest hands

the softest heart

and deepest soul

Oh, greatest gift

you were not mine to keep.

missed and loved,

as always,


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