we got this so right

Oh my Heart!

Yesterday afternoon we attended the Sir John A Macdonald High School graduation. We didn’t know any of the grads, but came to see the young man we had recently selected receive Robert’s Award. I wondered if I would feel anything when he walked up to receive his diploma… and yes, I smiled at his swagger, his big grin, and the subject award for calculus (who knew?!). Then it was Steve and I grinning broadly, knowing Robert was in the room, when this was the one student to “jump his chair” for the mortarboard toss.

And finally, the moment we came for… I watched Steve present a shocked, and honoured, Moataz Ibrahim with the first annual Robert Sampson Integrity Award. It felt so perfectly correct, as if all the stars had aligned. Maotaz (Mizo) received a certificate, and letter of explanation done by cfns, and the cheque for $850 made out to Dalhousie, where he will be studying engineering. Amen.

..soon to follow:
and a list of auction items!!!…we have six days left!!

One thought on “we got this so right

  1. Hey girl, I got cold chills when I read this e-mail on the student who received Robert’s Award, and as I type right this moment I still feel it,
    I feel Roberts spirit..WOW…. AND I AM truly confused about all this cause I do not know why , but I do feel BLESSED..
    Glad your Day was Positive and Bright..hugs…

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