The Roller-coaster

Well, the auction was an incredible, almost joyous, experience… so much love… so much money raised… and so much work done by Christine and Tim and the rest of the team. I do admit that I mostly stood by watching, in awe of the whole thing, but next year I will know what to do. 🙂  The total figure seems to be a bit of a moving target, but it is inching towards $15,000 raised!! Thank you everybody who participated with us. Robert would be so proud of his people.

Immediately afterwards I received more correspondence from the QEII bereavement folks… letting me know what many of us have already discovered, that six or seven months after a loss can be surprisingly difficult… time is not necessarily healing, there are so many ‘firsts’ that must be faced … no kidding. The roller-coaster of emotion that picked us up last June is still giving out quite a whooping. This situation will never be okay. It will not pass. And I will not ‘accept’ it. All I hope for now is to try to prevent this from happening to someone else.

It’s not that all the sweet things in life are gone, but what is left is always bittersweet. Going to Chrystal Palace and riding that roller-coaster with Missy and Mike and Hannah really was very sweet, but Hannah’s Gampy should have been there beside her.

ready.. set.. auction!

Well, my house is swamped with ‘items’ for the auction this Thursday… thank you so much for the generosity people!!! We are getting ready… and getting excited to see you at 7:00 at the Pacifico. We have sold a couple hundred tickets, but fear not, there will be more tickets available at the door.

There is an ATM onsite, and cash would be the preferred method of payment if possible… you’re going to need some for the 50/50 draw anyway… oh yeah, and also for our Team Robert tee-shirts 🙂

Check out the list of items here

… looking forward to seeing you Thursday!!


Winnie the Pooh

My new favourite quote is from Winnie:
“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together,
just keep me in your heart,
I’ll stay there forever.”

Still can’t believe Robert is really gone… but while I wrestle with this, and I know so many others are doing the same thing, I thought it was time to show off the amazing team who meet every two weeks to eat, drink, and be pancreatic cancer fundraising event-planners in Robert’s memory… and yes, sometimes we are merry.

Kevin Gerrior, Phil Barbour, Christine Delong, Tim Coolen, Linda Coolen, Steve Sampson, Debbie MacKenzie, me, Tanya Hendsbee

We are so appeciative of all the efforts from Robin around the Mary Kay events to raise money for Craig’s Cause Pancreatic Cancer Society, and so far over $1000 was raised by her! (oh, and by the way keep voting for me, there is only one week left: ).
Also, the auction/dance/social (for the same charity) is getting close! Get your tickets from one of us before it’s too late. The date is July5th, and there is a limit on the number of people who can fit in the Pacifico. I am just starting to list some auction items… take a peek here under ‘Events’.
And lastly, I am starting to train more seriously for the Maritime Bike Tour… you can learn more about it here under ‘Events’ too… or join me on facebook for the gritty details… this morning I finally faced Citadel Hill on my bike.. results.. Citadel : 0, Eileen : 7. (ouch ouch ouch) … but a wise woman recently told me that pain is the feeling of weakness leaving your body.. I get this about my legs… but am still not sure what to do with the other pain, so I refer back to Winnie.

Coming to the open house or to the makeover session?

Please know that Robin is directing 50% of the Mary Kay product price straight to Craig’s Cause.. and the makeover is a free do-it-yourselfer but gives us an opportunity to maybe win $5000 for Craig’s Cause(!) How to get to the events?:
– 36 Southgate Drive – the Tides condo, Bedford South. Please make sure to park only in visitor parking. From the Bedford Hwy – Southgate is between the Travellers Motel and Ultramar Gas Station. From BiHi – take the Larry Uteck Exit and turn left by the Pharmasave – that’s Southgate.
… come play with us!!!
open house is this Friday 4-8
makeover session is this Saturday 1-4

Open House is this Friday…

Our dear friend Robyn Courneya is jetting in from Ottawa just to help us with the fundraising effort! She will be hosting this event, from 4:00 – 8:00, on Friday June 1, everyone is welcome… 50% of all Mary Kay sold that night will be donated directly to Craig’s Cause in support of Pancreatic Cancer.

Plan to enjoy a no-pressure social, with good company and a great view, and maybe stock up on that terific hand cream or good quality sunscreen. It’s a win-win!

The event will be held at 36 Southgate Drive – home to Dalene Allen (Robin’s sister)

If you cannot attend but still wish to support, you can do so by placing an order on Robin’s website:

See you Friday!

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Good Grief

For the past eight weeks I have been meeting with a grief group at the QEII… there are five others who recently lost their spouse, and a wonderful facilitator, Roy Ellis… cannot describe what happens there… use your imagination, and that will be about right…but it will soon be over, and I am dreading that day. Not sure I’m ready to graduate…. However, yesterday we made art! Below you will see mine….. Robert’s hand holding teeny premature Hannah’s fingers… love so pure and so fierce…

Welcome friends and family

You are invited to look around and help us remember Robert by sharing your thoughts, stories and photos. Here are a couple ‘engagement’ photos for today, and links to blog pages are at right, all of which you are encouraged to respond to.  If you would like to contribute photos or make suggestions regarding the site, please email Eileen at