The Roller-coaster

Well, the auction was an incredible, almost joyous, experience… so much love… so much money raised… and so much work done by Christine and Tim and the rest of the team. I do admit that I mostly stood by watching, in awe of the whole thing, but next year I will know what to do. 🙂  The total figure seems to be a bit of a moving target, but it is inching towards $15,000 raised!! Thank you everybody who participated with us. Robert would be so proud of his people.

Immediately afterwards I received more correspondence from the QEII bereavement folks… letting me know what many of us have already discovered, that six or seven months after a loss can be surprisingly difficult… time is not necessarily healing, there are so many ‘firsts’ that must be faced … no kidding. The roller-coaster of emotion that picked us up last June is still giving out quite a whooping. This situation will never be okay. It will not pass. And I will not ‘accept’ it. All I hope for now is to try to prevent this from happening to someone else.

It’s not that all the sweet things in life are gone, but what is left is always bittersweet. Going to Chrystal Palace and riding that roller-coaster with Missy and Mike and Hannah really was very sweet, but Hannah’s Gampy should have been there beside her.

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