September’s new shoes

I’ve just stumbled upon an email I sent to friends on this date last year saying Robert was singing in the shower as I wrote. He and I were in a strangely unfamiliar place then… together 24/7… oscillating between terror and hope… trying to still live our lives as our true selves.

After his diagnosis I didn’t want him out of my sight. I somehow thought that I could make him okay. I could make it all okay, even in the knowledge that 95% of people with this pancreatic cancer will not survive. I believed because I knew he was so special.

I’m still having trouble believing that this actually happened… my beautiful husband endured the unthinkable journey… and is now just in photos… oh, and memories…. and in Missy… and, yes, Hannah… but he’s probably overseeing us all from a pretty good vantage point… wearing his very big crown as Hannah tells it (she may be confusing angels and fairies, I suppose). Or not…. it wouldn’t surprise me if he was running that joint now.

The support I have felt, in this last year or so, has been humbling to say the least… and I do want to thank everyone for staying close. I also want to ask a small favour today… please consider joining us for the walk-or-bike event on Saturday Sept 29th. It’s held at Porter’s Lake Park, and all the details are here:

our Team Robert is here:

… and in my sister’s words:

“Everyone is welcome to join Team Robert and help us raise money to fight pancreatic cancer! To Robert Sampson’s wide circle of friends, family and colleagues who already contributed to Team Robert’s fundraising cause by supporting our auction-dance-social event earlier this summer, please consider also just joining this team and meeting up with us again on September 29 to walk/bike/socialize with a great group of people while continuing to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer in Robert’s memory.”

All my life I think I’ve loved September…it’s not too hot, a new school year begins, and best of all, I get new shoes. This Fall I am back to work full time, and all my new shoes are flats, thanks to the ankle situation… but I’ll be wearing them on Sept 29th… hope to see you…. if not at the Park, then maybe for a late lunch at the Midtown on that day 🙂


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